Playa del Carmen

From village to bustling city in just a few decades, there must be a damn good reason why Playa del Carmen attracts so many visitors. Located on Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula not far from crowded Cancún, scuba paradise Isla de Cozumel, the historical Tulum and the super famous Mayan pyramids of Chichén Itzá, means it’s a great place to make your base of operations.

Locals adoringly call it Playa – nothing more! Blessed with year-round mellow-to-hot temperatures, it’s the perfect place for digital nomads to hide from frosty places and to get your tan on. The town adapted to its visitor’s needs, and now offers decent internet speeds the many breezy cafés and awesome coworking spaces. Flipflops welcome.

There’s loads of activities in and near Playa del Carmen for anyone. Relax, be active, see some sights; it’s all fine. Just make sure to pack both your laptop and your swimsuit whenever you go out!


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The Playa del Carmen guides gives you all the information you need to get yourself started in this amazing town. We kick off with the difficult stuff you need to know upon arrival:

  • How to get quick cash without paying outrageous ATM fees
  • What living expenses to expect and how to keep them low
  • Where to find WiFi and how to politely ask for the password like a local
  • What to expect from the local coffee standards
  • How to hustle your accommodation
  • Where to get your socks washed (without losing one of them)
  • Which SIM-card to get and how to get mobile internet up and running
  • How to meet other like-minded people (or how to avoid them)
  • What to eat locally and what to drink with it on the side
  • How to get from A to B without pissing off immigration officers
  • What else there is to do besides eat, sleep, (co)work, repeat


The second part of the book is dedicated to specific places for work in the neighbourhoods you’re most likely to stay at. We have tested each working space personally and gave honest judgment about them. You’ll find the tested WiFi speed (in Mbit) next to every café, along with our PowerScore and ZenScore. These describe the relative availability of wall sockets and how quiet it is without people tripping over your cables. We have visited dozens of cafés and only put in the most welcoming ones for people who need to get shit done. Tips on where to have a business lunch or date are also sorted by neighbourhood.


Handiest of all? You get exclusive access to our online bonus material, in which you can find an essential interactive map with all the businesses mentioned to use on the go. If you have the book already, you have the password to access the online area. It’s at the beginning of Part Two. Come check out our amazing bonus features!
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Get the Book on Amazon!