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Fer Gallart Digital Nomads Guides AuthorsFer Gallart

Fer is a business developer and marketing strategist working with different companies in Europe and Latin America. He’s passionate about plant-based food and healthy lifestyle. He grew up in Mexico City and moved to Madrid when he was very young. There he founded and cofounded different business projects. Now he is a slow traveler and digital nomad while still working on business development and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Author of: Playa del Carmen


Jess Whiteman Digital Nomads Guides AuthorsJess Whiteman

Jess is a communications specialist born and raised in the Land Down Under (Australia), but she´s currently living in Santiago writing, blogging and teaching English. After working in marketing, communications and online journalism roles, she decided to travel around South America and then settled in Santiago, Chile, where she has been living since 2015. Outside of South America, Jess has also traveled to Cuba, Hawaii, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and England. She blogs about her travels on Jess OS. She loves coffee, global cuisine, dancing salsa, and speaking Spanish (sometimes successfully!).

Author of: Santiago


Jonas Breuer Digital Nomads Guides AuthorsJonas Breuer

Jonas is working as a web developer and entrepreneur. He is focussed on WordPress and affiliate websites and published several WordPress plugins. After growing up in Germany, he discovered on a trip to China that working from far away is not really an issue. He lived in Sydney for a year until he went digital nomad full-time. Since then, he has visited plenty of places in Asia, Europe and South America.

Author of: Buenos Aires, Montevideo.


Iris Veldwijk Digital Nomads Guides AuthorsIris Veldwijk

She hitchhikes the world alone and writes about adventures on her blog Mind of a Hitchhiker. Not so much a digital nomad as a long-term traveler, her expertise lies in existing on the bare minimum of cash and making friends without borders. Iris speaks five languages and learns a few more by just traveling to a place where it’s spoken. She really likes writing and finding out all the free stuff that is in a place. And oh, she’s Dutch.

Author of: Buenos Aires, Montevideo.



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