Cabo Verde

(Ad)venture out into this sunny Atlantic treasure

Your shortcut to productivity and a good time in the 10-island archipelago. This free guide tells you all you need to know before your trip to Cabo Verde.


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What you will get


Money, ATMs and Prices

How to get quick cash without paying outrageous ATM fees. How expensive is it to live in the city.

WiFi Speed and Availability

Where to find WiFi and how to politely ask for the password like a pro.

Places to Work

What is the coworking scene and the café culture like.


What are the places to find your temporary home. Find cheaper alternatives to the mainstream.

Mobile Internet

Don't depend on WiFi. We will tell you which SIM is the best and how to get mobile internet up and running.

Meet Others

Find the places and events where other digital nomads hang out and network.

Food & Drink

How is the supermarket situation. Where are good and cheap restaurants. How to tip like a local.


How to enter the city from the airport. Use public transport with ease. Don't get screwed over by taxis.

Free Time

Don't work 24/7. Time to enjoy life. Our ideas for great short trips have you covered.


How do the locals tick. Common social pitfalls to avoid.


How long can you stay without pissing off immigration officials.


What is really important to stay safe and what is just outdated media bias.