lima peru digital nomads guidesA bright spot on the Pacific coast as seen from space marks the giant city of Lima, the capital of Peru. Nope, it’s not named after the fruit, but it does have some sweet sides to it. Think sunsets in the sea, hilly neighborhoods and a cool-yet-tropical climate not far from the desert. There’s always a breeze.

Yes, Machu Picchu is a good reason to visit Peru, but Lima has its own merits for the followers of the digital nomad lifestyle. Besides being one of the cheaper capital cities in the region, it’s also the origin of Pisco Sour, a cocktail for the fearless. Ask any South American what they love about Peru, and they will tell you it’s the food without question. Whatever your diet, bring your appetite for a trip to Lima, where not only the local food will blow your tonsils, but also the fusion cuisine and magnificent street food.

All neighborhoods have a different charm. From the balconied colonial houses in the center to the artsy barrio Barranco and the shiny high rises and buzzing expat scene in Miraflores: there’s something that will fit your needs.


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