Digital Nomads Guides are here to help you get your shit sorted as quickly as possible when traveling to a new place. We’re the guide that doesn’t judge you for wanting WiFi before sightseeing, a fully charged battery before bed and a friend base before arrival. It’s to get you up and running in a heartbeat and handle your stuff like a local. If you’ve decided to hit up one of our cities on a whim, these Kindle eBook guides will quickly advise you on:

  • How to get a SIM-card with mobile internet
  • Where to meet like-minded digital entrepreneurs
  • How to get cash without a catch
  • What places have smooth WiFi and a productive ambience
  • When to flush the toilet paper (or not)
  • Where to nap hard
  • How to find leisure stuff
  • What to munch
  • Where to wash your socks
  • How much to pay for stuff

All places mentioned in our guides have been tested and tried by the authors. Our guides are unique in the focus on work and play, with detailed information about internet speed and working environment. Expats, long-term travelers and of course self-proclaimed digital nomads are best helped by our books and research.

Are you new to eBooks and have you never heard of Kindle before? That’s OK. We made a little introduction to getting into eBooks under Kindle eBooks. It’s really easy, we promise!